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 MOST EXCELLENT Environmental Science Links



National Environmental Trust - the National Environmental Trust brings you the Environmental Action Network for the 21st Century

World Watch Institute - targets hot environmental topics

Environmental Sites on the Internet - links to more sites

Museum of Natural History - the center for Biodiversity and Conservation website
Whale Watching Web - wow- The site for cetacean info
Environlink- an online environmental community
EPA- environmental protection agency on global warming
Environmental Literacy - Information is organized into categories like economics, forests, biodiversity, water, and more. Each category includes an overview of recent environmental news and links onward.
Environmental Information Resources - a link base to sites on ecology, pollution, human interaction with the environment, water and ocean.
Hudson River PCB Story- get the straight story on the health of the Huson from Clearwater
Earthvision - info on environmental education and sustainability
Population Reference Bureau- discover the trends of population growth
Environmental Score Card- see how your area rates in terms of degree of air and water pollution
Marine Watch- a quarterly journal of marine events
Nature Service- NatureServe is an informative site on endangered
and threatened species. Habitat and range information and maps,
conservation status, and life histories are available.T
Bio-online Do a topic search for biology information. Let your fingers do the walking. Great tutorials and dictionary too.
Oil Spill Response- Environmental Protection Agency on reponse techniques to oil spills

Taking Care of Your Septic Tank - The National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association gives you the do's and don'ts of dealing with your poop

Water Conservation Tips At Home- brought to you by the Environmental Protection Agency
Kancrn stream monitoring- This webiste explains in detail how to monitor a stream. It gives historical background on why stream monitoring began and desribes research methodology.
Benthic Macroinvertebrates- Check out the pictures and descriptions of macroinvertebrates that live in Good water quality, moderate water quality and poor water quality.
Online Macroinvertebrate guide- Finally an online macroinvertebrate guide book created by the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation. Everything you want to know about what creeps on the bottom of stream beds!

Hudson Basin River Watch- This website focuses entirely on the Hudson basin and gives a wealth of information about the health of the rivers and reservoirs. Be sure to navigate the 3D model of the Hudson from the headwaters!
Biology Labs Online- The coolest Evolution Lab, Population Genetics and Population Ecology Labs. Who needs to go to school to learn?