Environmental Science in a Nutshell



Population Explosion:

  • ____ billion & averaging 85 million more each year. That's a 140 people net gain per minute
  • Most populated countries: China and ________
  • Most growth occurs in the ________ of poor countries
  • If everyone in the world lived like a typical American it would take ____ Earths to provide the resources (drinkable water, food, oil, shelter, etc) to support the world population.
  • America is ______% of the world's population.

Deforestation: "destruction of tropical forest, wetland, coral reefs"

  • loss of biological _______ and abundance
  • extreme loss of species and threat to endangered species
  • reduction of ecosystem ________ and loss of plants for health, food, aesthetics


  • 50% of toxic waste produced by world is from U.S.
  • _____% toxic air emissions of world is by U.S.
  • Incineration, burial and dumping into streams and oceans is not the answer.
    • NIMBY: "Not in my ______ yard!"
      -There is no away! When there is no room left, where will waste go?

Global Warming:


  • 97% of climate scientists agree that Global Warming (Climate Change) is caused by ________.
  • Burning fossil fuels : ____, coal, gas for energy hikes up CO2 in the atmophere
    • 80% of energy used in industrialized nations (non-renewable....yikes!)
  • Absorbation of heat reflected by earth's surface by CO2= *GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!
    • Effects:


  1. Some cities are cleaner and less polluted than in the past. Our air in Amerian is less polluted.
  2. Population has stabilized in industrialized countries and the rate increase has dropped worldwide
    • Number of kids/couple in 1983= 6.1 --decreased today to= ___.4
  3. Life expectancy has nearly __________


How can we work within the boundaries of nature and continue to improve economic status of all
humanity? ____________ Development!

  • 12% world making less than $____/day
  • 80% of the world lives on $10 or less/day

How much money did you spend yesteday? How much will you spend today?

Do you realize how lucky you are?


Read and summerize The Earth is Full by Thomas Friedman