Local Final Review


1. How does biodiversity and the abundance of life change as you approach the equator?

2. What is the major cause of loss biodiversity loss?

3. Who generally loses in the success of a NIMBY battle?

4. What are the types of symbiotic relationships between animals and give examples of each?

5. What is the biome of New Paltz? What is Ms. Law's favorite biome?

6. The majority of life on the Earth get their energy ultimately from what source?

7. Which element is manipulated and transformed by bacteria?

8. What is the first and second law of thermodynamics?

9. What are the stages of the trophic energy pyramid and give examples of organisms from each level?

10. How do R and K-selection strategy organisms differ and give examples of each?

11. What percentage of species of animals in the history of life on the planet are now extinct?

12. What would be the most effect way to prevent extinction of species in the future?

13. What is the best and worst method of harvesting trees?

14. What is the world population?

15. What are the three most populated countries in the world?

16. How does resource availability affect population growth rate?

17. How do the shapes of age structure diagrams indicate the population growth or decline in a country?

18. What is the replacement level of fertility for developed and undeveloped countries?

19. How do you estimate the length of time it will take a population to double?

20. What does LD50 stand for?

21. What is the ideal type of soil for most agricultural plots of land?

22. Why have conventional farming practices led to a reduction in genetic diversity and how could things be changed to reverse that process?

23. What are some practices of sustainable agriculture?

24. What are GMOs and be able to explain their pros and cons.

25. How have pesticides changed the evolution of pests around the world?

26. How have pesticides caused ecological imbalances and give examples?

27. Where is the majority of fresh water in the world?

28. What percentage of the world water is salty?

29. What is the number one domestic use of water in America?

30. Give examples of point and non-point water pollution.

31. What is the cause of eutrophication?

32. From which direction do most weather patterns move into New Paltz?

33. How does El Nino form?

34. Which element is the major cause of global warming?

35. What are the anticipated effects of global warming and why should you care?

36. What would be the best way to decrease acid rain?

37. What do Americans do with a majority of their trash?

38. Where is 95% of the water pollution in developing countries coming from?

39. How much longer is oil going to be available?

40. Do nuclear energy plants rely on nuclear fusion or fission?

41. Non renewable energy includes which substances?